Types of Google algorithm updates: Latest Algorithm updates in Google

  • Humming bird
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Pigeon
  • Payday
  • Pirate
  • Google EMD
  • Google top heavy update

What is Humming bird algorithm?

Google uses this algorithm to provide better and accurate search results to the user query which is request to Google. It’s a fast and precise. Google uses to sort through millions of web pages and other information’s it has, and its returns or provides users to what it exactly believes are the best answers.

Panda algorithm:

Introduced in 2011. This algorithm stops the sites which have poor quality content from the top search engine results pages. This is the time to time updates from Google and it has false positives. When this happens, the sites are previously affected by the panda may escape if the website owners made the right changes as well as the sites which are escaped from the previous algorithm update may catch from this update.

Penguin algorithm (April 2012):

This algorithm also having false positives. The main focus of penguin algorithm is to remove the sites who had bought the links from automated link building services providers as well as the links which are built from the low quality blog network to drive more amount of traffic. When penguin released, the sites are allowed to remove their unwanted backlinks using Google disavow tools. New sites are already escaped from penguin might get trapped from penguin.

Pigeon algorithm (July 2014):

This algorithms especially developed by Google to provide more quality, relevant and accurate search results for local search. Google stated this new algorithm to improve their distance and location parameters.

Payday algorithm:

Google specially released this algorithm to targets the very spammy queries and it is un-related to Google panda and penguin updates

Pirate’s algorithm:

This algorithm built to prevent sites with many copyright infringements reports, as filed through Google DMCA‘s system from ranking well in Google search results.

Google EMD algorithm (Exact Domain Match algorithm):

This algorithm especially developed for the poor quality sites which ranking well in Google simply because they have search terms in their domain name itself.

Google top heavy updates:

The sites which have excessive ads from ranking well in Google. When it is released, the sites are already removed excessive ads may regain their rankings, the new sites which have top heavy ads may caught.

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