Photo Masking Services to your images

image masking services

photo masking services

Image masking is one of the basic image enhancement services to remove backgrounds of the images which are having complex and blurred edges. Usually clipping technique is used to hide the background by drawing the outline around your images. But it’s not possible to all kinds of images, there are many Photoshop tools are available to select the blurry portions of your images, but the output will not give exact look. Whenever happen these issue graphic designers at image solutions India using Photoshop layer masking technique to select the moderate portions of your images.

While analyzing your images initially, we will recognize that which technique suitable to establish you is imaging requirements. Our image editing experts are efficiently work on your portraits manually and provide affordable outcomes to your images which you’re never expect.

Our types of image masking techniques are Photoshop layer, transparent layer, alpha channel and fur masking. We assure that how complex your images could be, finally we can deliver extraordinary look to your images with modern effect.

  • Fixing images using color correction and removing unwanted cast in your photographs
  • Changing the backgrounds
  • Apply fur masking to flying hairy parts
  • Transparent layer masking to hiding unusual objects and backgrounds
  • Clipping images to isolating from its backgrounds
  • Retouching requires for some extra portions
  • Adding and adjusting lighting conditions

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