Real Estate Photography camera settings for property Photographers

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography- to start real estate photography is very difficult, taking high-quality pictures indoors presents a challenge, especially if you’re not experienced with lighting gear, few tips for real estate photography that produces beautiful and consistent photos.

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography camera settings for property Photographers

Right Equipment

Camera- it should allow you to add a cable release, a flash, different lenses, and wireless triggers. Real estate photography slightly less demanding on the camera and should be concerned with good ISO performance.

Lenses- highly recommended to use wide angle lenses, make small spaces look bigger. Tilt-shift lenses help to avoid converging vertical lines such as wall edges and door frames leaning in or out, these are wonderful to use.

Tripod- it just holds your camera steady, the quality of tripods varies from cheap and nasty plastic to expensive carbon fiber. The only advice is to get the best you can afford with the tripods. It allows you to use slower shutter speeds without worrying about camera shake.

Capturing Light

Photography is capturing light- perfectly your camera cannot be seen what actually your eye is seeing, the eye is a wonderful complex and adaptive tool. The dynamic range of your eye is high whereas your camera dynamic range is not as high. The best possible way to capture a property as photographers have to play around with the light at our disposal to create dynamic images which attract potential buyers even though they are looking for flat, non-adaptive images. It can be done this by increasing the dynamic range of our images through shooting in brackets.

Shooting and Setting up- set up your camera on a tripod and shoot at waist level, not eye level. Verticals should be straight and by lowering your camera and shooting straight you will achieve a better-composed photo with a better angle.

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