What are all the factors one has to focus on search engine optimization?

Black hat SEO techniques:

Black hat SEO technique is a method performing actions against search engine’s guideline. One can earn higher rank on following these black hat tactics. But search engine may block the website. Keyword stuffing is considered as one of the most black hat techniques.

White hat SEO techniques:

White hat SEO techniques are used to improve our site’s performance in accordance with the search engine guidelines. It is just opposite to black hat technique. So it is better to follow the white hat SEO techniques. Authorized backlinks and unique contents were considered as one of the most important white hat tactics.

Page optimization is considered to be more significant. In the following passage, types of page optimizations are explained briefly. You know what, both the page optimization is carried out to rank high in the search engine’s search results.

On page SEO:

On page optimization is nothing but the optimization process on your website or on your webpage. Some of the on page optimization includes title, keyword density, description, meta tag, URL, etc. one should have to concentrate on on page optimization to rank higher in the search engines.

Off page SEO:

Off page optimization is one which involves the activities performed in order to promote your site. Which includes posting unique content on social networking site, social bookmarking sites, blogs. On doing like this you may also consider as a trusted site by the search engine as well as by the new clients.

Organic SEO:

It is the natural way to get into the search engine results. Here there is no need  to pay for ranking. That is, you may you to work to rank on the search engine. According to your online presence, search engine will provide a page rank. On typing a query in the search engine, the related result will be shown on the middle page of the search engine for the organic users. Top, bottom and side places are allotted for the inorganic users.

Inorganic SEO:

If you have no time to concentrate on SEO, you just go with the paid options. You have to pay for a particular keyword in the search engine. When searchers type a query related to your keyword, then the search engine will show your site on  the top, side or else in the bottom of the page.





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