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Real Estate HDR Photography

HDR Photography- High-Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is a popular photographic technique for architectural and landscape photographers, involves in taking multiple photos of the same scene at different exposures and blending them all together.

Real Estate Photography- includes in exteriors and interiors designs. Designers, Architects, Decorators, and builders are the clients of real estate photographers, the competition of real estate is high in photographers and business.

HDR Photography

An easy way to blend your Real Estate HDR Photography for Property Images

Real Estate HDR Photography service includes

  • White balance adjustments
  • Noise reduction
  • Background replacements
  • Shadow highlighting

White balance adjustments- with the help of post processing photography it offers a great quality white balance adjustments, unwanted white colors create a dark and unrealistic feel to the whole image.

Noise reduction- if images are with noise related issue, it helps to fix immediately and in a perfect clean through creative HDR image service, for this service image retouching experts helps to make the needful cleaning and corrections.

Background replacements- crucial at many times, it adds, removes, or edit the background because to increase the class of your images in all the possible ways, quality of all elements present on the image foreground.

Shadow highlighting- it’s critical for providing a realistic feel to your images. Just completely using camera never provides perfect images, experts manually do the needed shadow and highlight adjustment in Photoshop to make sure that the images look exactly.

Basic Requirements of Real Estate HDR photography

  • Camera, use the best DSLR digital camera for the better quality image.
  • Flash, same as the camera quality use best external flash that you can access, turn the flash to the lowest setting possible
  • Tripod, using this is essential and if you need this HDR photography it ensures that all photos are free of movement.

Pro’s and Con’s of Real Estate HDR Photography


  • Great image quality
  • Accurate representation
  • Easy to make on your App or DSLR


  • Increasing in noise
  • Reduce color accuracy

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