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Photographers ideas for Wildlife Photography | National Geography

wildlife photography

Photographers ideas for Wildlife Photography | National Geography Wildlife photography is an art, and it is not predictable in its timing wait patiently until your turn has to come. It is very dangerous and also magnificent moment will happen most of the time during photography. Several tips are involved in wildlife photography Planning for wildlife photography Safety for wildlife photographers Proficient photography for wildlife photography Check environmental and weather condition Planning for wildlife photography Prepare physically and mentally before into the wildlife photography. You have to learn more about wildlife photography and practice before entry into the wildlife photography field….
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How to change attract sky on real estate photography

Real estate photography

How to change attract sky on real estate photography During a real estate photography, sometimes nature doesn’t work or cooperate so, by using Photoshop change the sky into more attractive, there is a lot of path for sky replacement and it doesn’t need any special plugins. Just by using Photoshop since it a sky with a good natural looks Several steps involved in sky replacement Select a sky for replacement Make a layer mask for sky replacement Replacement of sky by adding colour Sky image enhancement for replacement Image blending  Select a sky for replacement Select the sky first and…
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Real Estate Photography camera settings for property Photographers

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography Real Estate Photography- to start real estate photography is very difficult, taking high-quality pictures indoors presents a challenge, especially if you’re not experienced with lighting gear, few tips for real estate photography that produces beautiful and consistent photos. Right Equipment Camera- it should allow you to add a cable release, a flash, different lenses, and wireless triggers. Real estate photography slightly less demanding on the camera and should be concerned with good ISO performance. Lenses- highly recommended to use wide angle lenses, make small spaces look bigger. Tilt-shift lenses help to avoid converging vertical lines such as…
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