Difference and Comparison between JPEG, PNG and GIF in the Image Editing Services

In the imaging technology, there are several image file formats are available. All are differ according to their feature and character how they are working. Among that JPEG, PNG and GIF become the most familiar and popular one. This is why because of its flexibility, compatibility, speed and so on. Just get into some pros and cons of these three file formats.


Joint Photographic Experts Group

Pros of Joint Photographic Experts Group:

In the earlier days of the internet, JPEG was the only file format to transfer the image via the internet. It is a Filetype Photograph. On compressing the data (that is image, photo), you may reduce the image pixel size. It’s become the existing standard image now a day. Due to its more compression capability. The compression of the image was made in the ratio of 2:1 and also up to 100:1. It supports 24 bit RGB and CMYK and also it supports 8 bit Gray Scale.

Cons of Joint Photographic Experts Group:

When you have compressed the image once the image is being that compressed type permanently. This was becoming the main drawback about Joint Photographic Experts Group file format. Sometimes, on compressing it may reduce or loss some information. Which tends to change in the look of the photographs. This may result in degradation of the image quality.

But JPEG is still used in the internet a wider range. The one thing have to concentrate more is compression process. Be careful on compression, because your image to be tended to lose its original quality on each compression process.


Portable Network Graphics

Pros of Portable Network Graphics:

This type of filetype is used to create internet graphics. It supports the transparency color changes in the background. It also supports 8 bit and 24 bit color RGB and CMYK color code. It is recommended file type format, because it does not suffer from lossy image problems.


Graphics Interchange Format

From the name itself, you may come to a conclusion that, this type of image format is used for Graphics. It supports the animation that is moving images. This format is not having the lossy problem as the JPEG has.

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