How to Build High-Quality SEO Backlinks on your Website for 2020

SEO Backlinks

For your websites, backlinks are a great way to improve SEO and gain more conversions and traffic. Backlinks give a clear signal to Google about how your website in terms of relevance and quality, and self-made links are risky because it comes with penalization by the Google webspam team. Backlinks tell search engines, this content is credible, valuable, and useful.


How to Build High-Quality SEO Backlinks on your Website for 2020

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High-quality content

With the daily trending topics and original data create content regularly, which makes your website attractive and valuable to another webmaster.

Social media platform

The social media platform is the best way to start sharing your high-quality content for others to see on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Social media improve exposure and which is great for your brand and link building efforts.

Writing testimonial and reviews

It helps to start a relationship and also increases your chances that the site you link to will return the favor. The brand will share the post through social networks and media distribution and even which provides more benefits and exposure.

Create infographics

It is the fastest way to get backlinks from highly relevant websites. If you cannot create a high-quality image or infographic, then hire a graphic designer to do it for you.

YouTube Channel

To get relevant backlinks YouTube is a great way, and also creates helpful tutorials or podcasts.

Blog commenting

Blog commenting is one of the ways to grow your readership, if you write a new page or post that targets a specific keyword phrase, then search on Google and comment on those pages.

Benefits of high-quality SEO backlinks

  • Branding
  • Authority
  • Relationship building
  • Promotion
  • Referral traffic


The way of high-quality SEO backlinks building changes with time, and works now may not work in the upcoming days. So keep on updating with the trend and know about the high-quality SEO backlink building strategies without putting your website on risk.

  • Drive referral traffic
  • Help to build your brand
  • Help to establish authority
  • Build relationships