How blog networks affect SERP in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) denotes that the listed results on the search engine when the user surfs with a keyword. It not only shows when there is the presence of a keyword in title tags but also it crawls its most bottom lines. It also shows the queried keyword either present in a description or in content. It makes the referred keyword as the snippet and it displays every fragmented word for user aid. It always favors a user rather than owners.

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Generally, On-page optimization differs from Off-page optimization. In Off-page optimization, there should be the presence of links with high authority directory sources and book markings, production and appraisal of fresh content, web 2.0 configuration.

Blog networks act as a helping hand for websites in case of Off-page optimization. It also promotes to high page rankings and traffic prediction. By submitting articles and posting images and videos on the blog, it gets credited in our site analytics.

Why Blog for websites?

Normally, for dynamic pages, we can refresh our content regarding the current affair and thus it leads to provoke viewers. Concerning about static pages, it is a bootless errand to refresh the existing content. Recognising these criteria, there is a remedy flashed with the name, blog.

It offers the static websites, to refresh and updates their contents bounded with their sites. It also refers sites corresponding to the user’s query.

How Blog helpful?

While we post article or images related to our sites, it increases slight traffic to our site. Because of our site’s URL submission, invokes to advertise our sites.

During user’s keyword surfing, it shows related sites which are in high rank deliver earlier. In case our site slightly lower than our competitors leads to miss or ignore our sites. If our site or our sub-page gets linked with a high ranking page, we able to fulfill user’s wish. In order to meet this requirement, we record our markings on the blog. Even though our site may not get included in user’s view, if blogs rated high, it tends to bring the user to our source.  It also acts as a reference domain and via blog, we may acquire sufficient high-quality inbound links.

Effects of Blog in SERP:

Search Engine Results Page also considers blog in case of user’s query. Through the blog, we increase demand on our core sites in conjunction with our peripheral activities. We may create the separate blog for our each and every sub-service. It acts as a boon for the sites which are in static.

Marketing’s primary goal is customer should identify us as soon as possible meanwhile we also faithful to the search engine. To meet these needs, blog acts as the gateway.

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