Best Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services for Apparel Products

Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services

This image editing service helps to increase and improve the quality of a normal image to an unexpected and amazing image, and it can be done through digital technique and analog. The ghost mannequin image editing services are the big source of E-Commerce and sell fashion garments or clothes online. Our expert team provides professional retouching services and ghost mannequin photo editing services and satisfies the customer requirements and demands.

Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services
Image Editing Services

Some services provided by our photo editors are

  • Enhancing colors
  • Highlighting the style and texture
  • Adjusting the white balance
  • Removing the background
  • Combining the back and front garment
  • Fine-tuning contrast and brightness

Ghost Mannequin Image Editing

To display the images of clothes in an online ghost mannequin is the best idea and this service involves numerous processes other than the removal such as altering the color of the fabric, merging photos, etc. And the advantage of the ghost mannequin is which can display the product label by cropping the neck areas and then placing the product brand labels, which helps the buyers to loyal to a particular brand and to trust the products.

How to Process a Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services

1.     Posing and selecting a mannequin and model

Mannequin or model is used to bring the unique shape of your products and to get the best effective ghost mannequin illusion, mannequin or model is photographed by different angels with better lighting.

2.     Equipment and setup

To execute the ghost mannequin effect you need to create high-quality photographs, and lower quality of mannequin photography results in less appeal to the ghost effect.

3.     Photographing the product

Once ready with your shots then processing work is quite easier if follow these steps

  • Open your files and create layers
  • fill the background with white color
  • select the product in the mannequin image
  • refine and place your mask
  • add shadows and save

Our Ghost Mannequin Image Editing service,

We process high-end E-commerce image editing services. We have been experienced more than 10 years in the editing field. We have served our services all over the globe. We offer affordable prices to your clients. We even provide a free trial for our new clients to know our work stuff.

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